Saturday, August 6, 2011

Chain chain chain

 While working on this latest batch of jewelry, I was listening to Aretha Franklin and I think it might have influenced these necklaces. They're all made of vintage charms and chains.

First up is this charming star necklace..
Hand strung little star charms
 Then little glass charms with bells that tinkle as you move

 This one is simple but the focal bead is handmade from the 18th century. Not bad huh?

a close up shot of the focal bead
 And because I love sautoirs, I made one with vintage lavendar glass ball charms

 This two strand necklace has two focal beads from the 50s.

And finally, a bit of an oriental touch with the filigreed inserts of this necklace!
All will soon be available in the shop!

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  1. love the two-strand necklace. and that 18th century focal bead is just stunning!