Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Nomad's Market report

The day before Nomad's Market, I was feeling apprehensive and worried. The weather did not look promising--all gray sullen skies with a cold wind. How on earth were we going to do for Sunday?

Fortune smiled on us because Sunday dawned clear and sunny. Nothing but blue skies and a brisk wind. I breathed a sigh of relief. Just look how beautiful it was, with the Notre Dame just in front of us.

Peniche Henjo

Peniche Henjo was surprisingly large inside with room for us and the different people who stopped by.  I even lucked out on my spot which was just in front of the entrance.

Setting up a stand is an art of itself and requires lots of planning and thought, something I didn't necessarily know in the beginning. You have to have a large enough selection to give people lots of choices, but not so much that the stand looks crowded and busy.  Here's how mine looked that day. 

A selection of some of my new bracelets--millefiori from the end of the 19th, beginning of the 20th mixed with some vintage french glass

 A close-up look of my sautoirs. Remember this frame? One of the frames I found in the brocantes last year.

And here's a peek out of my window. It was pretty impressive to see the boats passing by and the Seine was pretty busy that day with the cruise boats and private boats like this one..

Of course I couldn't resist checking out other people's wares and there was certainly a good and more importantly varied selection.  I loved this one....a product after my own heart. The artist, seated on the left, works with recovered materials from industrial sites and reworks them into contemporary light fixtures and lamps. Aren't they cool? I bet he spends as much time in brocantes as I do. Luckily we're after different things!

After some time, the jazz band set up and it was real party atmosphere.
There was also a stand on artisanal hand made Moroccan oils and beauty products.  I passed by and it smelled divine!

Cute baby things that I could barely walk away from...

and colorful printed slip on socks and shawls.
Nice change from boring old beige ones you stick under your ballet flats right? These ones are pretty enough to wear with sandals.

And finally, some pretty handmade bookmarks.

A lovely group of people if I do say so myself. I'm sure we made lots of people happy that day! Looking forward to the next edition!


  1. Thanks for having trusted us, it was a pleasure to welcome you on board!

    Guillaume for Nomad's Market

  2. oooh! everything looked perfect! i love that "framed" photo of the seine from the boat. congratulations on joining and from the looks of it, doing very well at the market! love your setup!