Wednesday, June 13, 2012

 Hello friends, I hope you're still there.  I've been absent awhile thanks to a number of trade fairs and family events.  In any case, I'm back with some photos of some of the events.

You may remember that in May I was in Morges, Switzerland for the Salon UNICREA. What a wonderful experience that was!  We were blessed with clear skies and hardly any rain! And I had the chance to meet with a wonderful new public and other talented and nice designers and artists.

As I was alone during the fair (my first time to be truly alone, and far from familiar territory) I was not able to take a lot of pictures of the other stands.  But I did take a quick look around to see how the Castle could become the backdrop to our creations.  

The Chateau de Morges is a living breathing museum which hosts an impressive amount of military related objects.  In fact, it is a military and history museum.  I couldn't figure out how they'd fit paintings and sculptures but they blend in really well.  Kudos to Celine, our organizer who did a magnificent job placing all of us!

So you had paintings set inside and outside the Castle walls.

Jewelry and light fixtures set amongst the canons and artillery!

 Look at these chandeliers...

And the garden in front of the Castle was graced with the most beautiful  sculptures made from reclaimed metal.

As for my jewelry, here's a photo of a small selection of the bracelets I brought to the fair.

A lot of hard work but well worth it! Can't wait to repeat the experience!

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