Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lots and lots of clover

Did I tell you this already? I apologize if I have but I'm so pleased with a recent find that I just got to share it.

I lucked out when an antique dealer I know was selling a set of peach colored clover leaf charms.  It was part of an estate lot she had bought from the son of an old French designer who used to supply the House of Chanel in the early 50s. You can be sure my ears perked up at the name Chanel.  And even without such association, I would've bought them anyway because they are so pretty. Plus, four leaf clovers are supposed to bring good luck right?

So I hurried home and voila, my first complete set...

I decided to do a sautoir necklace, in honor of Chanel...

 Here are the charms up close..

 Because its long enough, you can loop it around twice...

Then I made some lovely earrings...

And finally a bracelet to match everything else!

What do you think of them?

1 comment:

  1. what a gorgeous set! totally adore them! lovely color. :)