Monday, July 25, 2011

Our brush with the Tour de France

 Yesterday afternoon, we decided to take a little walk near the Quai where we live. We didn't have an itinerary in mind, just a lazy meandering Sunday stroll.   As we walked we noticed that people were gathered at the end of the long street just after the bridge leading to the left bank.  Hmmm..curiously enough, the streets were closed and people seemed to be waiting.

Then cops on motorcycles arrived. We just had to ask what was going on. To our surprise (which now that I think about it, shouldn't have been, since it was all over the news), it was the Tour de France riders arriving for the last lap!
 You could definitely sense a palpable sense of excitement among the spectators when we sighted the group coming.. see that mass of riders behind these cops, that's them!
 They went by at such great speed that it was all I could do to capture a fleeting shot of them
 After they were through a whole platoon of cars came whizzing by with loads and loads of bikes on top of their hood.
 And after the very last cars were through, life on this rue slowly returned to normal...


  1. Fantastic post! How exciting and memorable to be there :) Thank you for joining and contributing to Post Of The Month Club! XOLaura

  2. Wow. I think I prefer those accidental run-ins with events like this. Visiting from HHUK