Monday, October 3, 2011

Navy and white with pearls

Hello folks! Hope your week is off to a good start! For my part, I've been trying to put some order into my bead supplies and its taking some time to finish. Probably because I spend more time admiring them rather than actually sorting them out. They are so pretty! And while sorting out, I found myself drawn to these blue and white striped tubular beads from the 20s.  They're french glass but they're called les bonbons anglais (English candies) because they resemble the English candies from that period! I bought them because I liked the stripes and how they're all a bit irregular. Its  a sign that the beads were handmade.

I put them together with some creamy glass pearls from the 50s and this is what came out of the mix...

I like how the creaminess of the pearls is set off by the blue and white color. Its kinda nautical but elegant, I'd like to think.

I'm sure someone out there has the perfect outfit for this beauty!

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