Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vintage made new

40s midi tea dress
One of the things I love about doing my jewelry is giving new life to some very old beads.  Its a wonder to me that these lovely old things have survived for so long and its a shame to let them go to waste. I guess you can say that its my way of recycling!  And its funny too how in the past ten or so years, vintage has become such an accepted and popular way of dressing and even living.  Such has become the influence of vintage that nowadays, new fashion (be it off the rack or couture) references with great facility those fashions of the past.

While doing some online window shopping, I fell upon these great looks from Asos.   And they very clearly proudly wear their vintage origins on their sleeves. The red dress has a very 40s vibe while the yellow midi-skirt is clearly a throwback from the 70s. Any or all of them would certainly be great additions to my fall wardrobe!

I loved this lurex sweater
which would go perfectly with this metallic fuschia skirt!

all images courtesy of Asos.com

I guess this means that vintage is here to stay!

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