Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chambres des poupees

Since I use antique and vintage beads for my jewelry I'm perpetually at brocantes and vide-greniers,  ever on the look out for materials to use. These past winter weekends haven't been very fruitful. The cold, the damp and the gray seemed to have hidden all the treasures I normally find. I didn't even manage to take pictures.

So I wasn't expecting much when I set out this weekend.  But there were wonderful finds to be found. I'm going to have to do two posts!

My absolute favorite find of all times has got to be this Chambres des poupees book.  Its a lift the flap book that works as a doll house!  There are little slots where you insert the cut out paper dolls as well as little objects.  It dates back from the 19th century and is absolutely gorgeous. Despite its age, the colors are still vibrant, the drawings lovely and it is a complete set.  The whole family is present, along with various cups and baskets and the family wardrobe so you can dress up all the little dolls!

This page is the hallway leading to the..
 living room.  Just look at the detail on this page. Aren't those curtains wonderful? Its very representative of french interiors..
 Here is the family that lives in the house.
 The children's room.
 And here's Grandma, about to go collect some fresh eggs for breakfast!
 I love the kitchen with its cheery gingham curtains and old fashioned stove.
You can see why I couldn't resist bringing this home right?! Its such a wonderfully clever and imaginative object ( I can't bring myself to call it a toy).    I can just imagine the little girl it used to belong to spending hours and hours just making stories about the family that lives in this house back in the day when computers and other high tech gadgetry wasn't even an idea yet.  It makes me so happy to have it here at home where we can continue telling yet more stories!


  1. OMG! so precious!!! these are the kinds of things that make going to flea markets and the like so worth it.

  2. This is wonderful. Thanks for posting it.

  3. Oh, I am swooning over this book!