Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Rubedo line

To commemorate their 175th anniversary, Tiffany is not only coming up with a new line, they've come up with a new metal! That's right, you read it right-- a new metal. Its a compound mix of gold, silver and copper though the exact amount of each ingredient is unknown.  It's supposed to have all the shine and luster of gold with the flexibility of silver.  I had to take a look at their website to see this new metal.  It looks very similar to Victorian gold or rose gold and it makes for a very tempting selection. I've selected a few favorites which are shown here (pictures courtesy of

I love the idea of a new metal and this color is just beautiful.  I wouldn't mind adding the cuff or the hoops to my collection.

 Isn't this ring so delicate?
Its so nice to see such an established house Tiffany continuing to make great strides in jewelry making. Its a good lesson to remember that creativity is an endless wellspring and that are imagination should be unfettered!

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