Saturday, February 25, 2012

How much is that dog in the window...

It was the dog peering out the window that first drew my attention as we were walking.  He had such a serious air about him. Then I noticed the shoes, particularly this red pair....

We had to stop and take a look. In fact these shoes are as artisanal and as handmade as my jewelry. They are made by hand in Camargue in the South of France by a company that does limited edition pairs for Homies (the store we were in).  They have one pair for each size and when they don't do repeat orders. How exclusive is that right? 

I love the idea of artisanal shoes. Of anything artisanal and homemade actually. In this day and age, it gets harder and harder to stick to making things by hand. They cost a lot in terms of labor hours and material but the end result is special. I know that every piece I made is in a way a labor of love and I like to think that it shows. I'm sure whoever made these shoes feel the same way I do. They certainly look like someone's labor of love.

 I love this camel colored ones too...they would be  perfect for the mid-season.

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  1. Labor of love is exactly what it is. I esteem handcrafted things like these boots, too. And of course, your jewelry.