Sunday, May 22, 2011

The art of presenting one's goods

 One of the things I had to learn, (and learn quickly at that!) for my new line of work is the art of presenting my wares in the best possible way.  I've learned that its not enough to have beautiful things. One must also find the best way of presenting them.  A well dressed stand attracts the going public which is often distracted by all the other stands and once they are with you, they often have very short attention spans.

During the Pop-Up Salon, I tried to make sure every piece had enough space between them....

 And that my necklaces didn't overwhelm each other with their colors...

I love my bracelets but they did have a tendency to move all by themselves...

And these three necklaces are my current favorites. All of them are made primarily from Venitian Millefiori from the 19th century!!  I really lucked out when I found a trove (well, I considered it a trove) of these beads.  And I was extremely gratified when a glass bead connoisseur I met during the trade fair confirmed their provenance!  To jazz them up a little, I mixed in some French glass beads from the 50s. Aren't they just lovely?

And what do you think of the stand?

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  1. oh wow, DPM, such a fabulous stand. i like seeing your goods clustered an arranged together. i like the gold lame table cover you used, too. gosh the earrings are calling to me. and i totally love the venitian millefiori necklaces. i will think of an occasion/excuse to get me some more of your beautiful handiwork.