Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A sort of Demi Parure

As I work with vintage beads that I source through the different flea markets around Paris, I don't often have enough beads to make more than one piece.  On one hand, this makes each piece special as it is only one but on the other, it frustrates me no end when the beads are especially nice as  I cannot make a bracelet or a pair of earrings to go with the necklace. Case in point is this set that I've just finished.

It all started with some beautiful peach colored faceted glass beads that I found at a small brocante not far from where we live. Actually, it was more like a vide grenier (or garage sale) than brocante as most of the stands were manned by people who just wanted to  be rid of their old things.  I was about to go home when I noticed this lady carefully wrapping up her things. Amongst her old china and dusty records were a pile of jewelry including some loose beads. When I asked about them, she was pretty dismissive, saying they were glass beads from the 50s that belonged to her mother. It had been a necklace but somewhere along the way, it broke and so that was the end of the necklace.  She seemed pretty surprised when I said I would take them.  I came home and washed them and they came out luminous and pretty. I was pleased as punch.

Much later I found some old Murano beads, the kind with gold foil inside. The only problem was there were only three.  Hmmm...I bought them nonetheless because I can't resist Murano beads. It was only when I put the two sets together that I realized that they went quite well together.  Eh voila, a necklace was born!

Why then am I calling this post Demi Parure? A demi-parure is a matching set of jewelry, often a necklace and a pair of earrings.  And while with this set, I don't strictly have a demi-parure, these earrings I've just made seem to go quite perfectly with the necklace!   This set will soon be added in the store!

And now for some other news, I've just managed to add to my sidebar, the link to my online store! Hooray! It took some doing but finally its up!!  The site is in French, so for any who are interested in any of the items but can't figure out how it works, don't hesitate to write me!

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  1. what an interesting backstory for these pieces. i love how you put the beads all together after some time. i can see how in your line of work, patience can be very rewarding. :)