Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Starting over

Its been a busy couple of weeks chez nous.  We were unfortunately the victim of that all too common internet problem of hacked email, so access to the old blog disappeared into the ether.  I was completely stressed but then I realized that starting over gives me the chance to redo the blog layout and hopefully come up with a better design. Hopefully I've achieved that and you like what you see...

So, last we spoke, I was busy preparing for the Salon Court Circuit at the Espace Blanc Manteau over at the Marais.  It was quite an invaluable learning experience for me.  It just proves that experience is the best teacher.

Here are a couple of pictures I took..

I hadn't realized that our neighbor's mannequin was till undressed when I took this shot

Small selection of chain necklaces

Some of my bracelets

Three days could be a long time but I was lucky enough to have shared the stand with some great gals...

Pascale of Super Gino, who makes wonderful children's shirts and dresses from organic cotton..

 and Arina of Les Bijoux d'Ari with her fun collection of jewelry made of Liberty and Japanese fabrics

Next up is the Salon Pop UP this Saturday.. More details coming up on another post!


  1. Beautiful, beautiful jewelery. LOL at the undressed mannequin.
    Madison xxx

  2. Lovely jewelry, do you have an online store? I don't see any links for one.