Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Delightful white

I love color!  Nothing cheers me up faster than wearing a shot of bright fuschia pink or canary yellow. I have to admit though that there's something so fresh about wearing white during the summer.  It looks so clean and crisp. It just looks so put together and who doesn't want to look like that right?

I did a bit of virtual shopping and just look at these gorgeous pieces. I wouldn't mind adding these to my summer wardrobe!

From Asos...
photos courtesy of Asos.com
 This pretty flowered one from Topshop has that touch of color that I love!

photo courtesy of Topshop.com
See what I mean about white looking crisp and put together ?  This dress from Chloe just rocks!

photo courtesy of Net-a-porter.com
 And finally, I adore these cork sandals! They go with everything!

What about you, have you found some pretty summer additions to your wardrobe? Do share!

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  1. Love a little white dress! I'm always looking for the perfect summer frock... you can never have too many!