Friday, June 24, 2011

More on the Journee du Fait Main

Map of the different craft fairs in the city

As you know, I'm hard at work for the upcoming first ever Journee du Fait Main in France.   These are very exciting times for all of us who believe in the tradition of hand making beautiful things. I thought I'd share a bit more information about the upcoming events.

 As befitting the capital city, there will be craft fairs in the following areas: 

  • Espace Kiron 75011

  • Rue des vinaigriers, 75010

  • 3ème Porte Bleue,  75010

  • Lieu 37, 75010

  • Boutique de laine P. Huguet, 75003

  • Boutique Les Vignoles, 75003

  • RRose Sélavy, 75009

  • The complete program can be found in

    Now the website is in french but here is a bit of information on the other participants  in Espace Kiron, where I will be :

    De Petites Merveilles -handmade jewelry from vintage beads 
    2beornot- fabric bags and jewelry
    Cathart-  paintings and decorative objects
    Creadeco110 - decorative objects and jewelry
    Fais pas ci fais pas ça ! -fabric bags and jewelry
    Frimouz- fabric bags and jewelry
    Juju atelier - paintings, jewelry and decorative objects
     Laudee -silver jewelry
     Leonie petits oiseaux - bags, fashion accessories, decorative objects
    Les bricoles de mai - leather jewelry and decorative objects
    Liloudeco-  crocheted jewelry and other fashion accessories 
    Lord ena - fabric fashion accessories . 
    Magousacoud - fashion accessories, jewelry in fabric 
    Margau - paintings, jewelry and fashion accessories
    Maureen linckenhely - jewelry 
    Miniloop -jewelry
    Missardine - jewelry 
    Mlle fifi -fashion accessories in fabric 
    Monde original -polymer jewelry
    Myrtille75 - polymer jewelry
    Nadej creations - polymer jewelry and paintings on wood 
    Noshi - origami jewelry
    Or-et-faire-part- cards and invitations
     Polyssonne- polymer jewelry
    Résurgences - decorative objects
    Roseberry  clothes and jewelry
    Takalfaire -clothes and fashion accessories 
    Tarator - jewelry
    Verope - jewelry
    What a mess -jewelry
    Matuvucréation -jewelry 
    Clemcrea - jewelry
    Suricat- jewelry 
    AV- fashion accessories   

    Its a great line up isn't it?

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