Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fair at St. Sulpice

a quiet street leading to St. Sulpice Church

When a good friend came by to visit, one of the things on her "must-see/must-do" list was to visit a brocante. I suppose its because I'd been talking up a storm about all the great ones I've visited in the course of finding materials to work with.  But we realized that we had packed so many activities during the weekend that we didn't manage to visit one!

Luckily, we were saved by the Antique Fair at St. Sulpice in the 6th arrondissement.  I love the area of the 6th. Maybe its the architecture, or the little cafes and boutiques, but there's something so Parisian in this area. This particular stretch around the St. Sulpice became quite popular after Da Vinci Code and even now, there are a number of people who go in the church because of that book.

The big square in front of the Church often serves as a place for antique fairs or even a Christmas market but I find that the goods on sale are often the pricier kind.  There are some gorgeous things to be found but there is an accompanying price tag.  Still and all, it makes for a fun afternoon.

Just look at this particular stand. I loved the little tables and candlesticks

Just behind these stands, you can see a portion of the big fountain, the waters of which provide a melodious background to all the antique wheeling and dealing..

 I wasn't sure we were going to find anything but my friend lucked out and snagged two gorgeous vintage necklaces! Aren't they pretty?

Here's a closeup shot of the necklace...

All in all a great afternoon!


  1. ohh, we had to leave Paris on Friday so I couldn't visit a flea market but I managed to visit St. Sulpice. Great church and I made my pic on the famous line:-)

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